My name is Artyom Ernst (Артём Эрнст), a 2D/3D artist, graphic designer, and children's books illustrator currently based in Chile.

Graphic Design

An online clothing store identity based on Halloween style while completely avoiding any recognizable cliches.

Logo for a home decor store

Logo for a VR development company

SIRIUS-19 Booklet - International science project conducted by the Institute of Biomedical Problems of RAS and Human Research Program NASA
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Poster designs for a lecture

Flyer design (two sides)

Poster design

Book Layout Design


Vector Illustration (Illustrator, Figma)

Children's Book Illustration


Full workflow: Character design, Sculpting (Zbrush), Modeling\Hair (Maya, Xgen), Texturing (Painter), Scene assembly, Rendering (Unreal Engine 5), Color grading (Davinci Resolve)

Character design, Character Modeling, UVs in Maya; Baking, Texturing in Adobe Painter

Character Modeling, UVs in Maya; Baking, Texturing in Adobe Painter


Concept Art. Digital Painting

Character design + digital painting

Character design process. Final output - multilayered 2d game asset


Participation in the 54th Venice Biennale (2011)
Central Asia Pavilion

A video recording of an English class in an Uzbek middle school. This almost readymade project is a documentation of the tectonic processes of globalization. Filmed by me with positive connotations - here I was trying to show one of many events of expansion and mixing of human cultures, and their evolution. It's not about Uzbek people per se or the Western civilization but rather about the birth of common cultural values at the point of contact.

Other art wanderings